"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about." Rumi

Being just here, now...

Ever since she can remember Eva has been deeply fascinated by life, the body and health. This interest brought her early in her life to explore alternative medicine, bodywork, naturopathy and body and mind awareness.

In her early twenties Eva left the Netherlands and started travelling to further explore and broaden her experience. This brought her to body/mind/emotional awareness training with horses in Australia and various retreats and courses on awareness and the body around the world. The love for living and exploring life from a place of truth and awareness, with this very moment as all we have and its never ending depths and beauty is what keeps deeply moving her as a main priority in life.

Eva’s love and passion for awareness, yoga, massage and several forms of bodywork come from her own experience with these tools for nurturing a deep sense of peace, healing and wellbeing. 

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“Eva is an exceptional yoga teacher who brings a very special energy into her class and to the students. Every minute with her was like a retreat for my soul. Her class was a balanced combination of yin yoga and meditation, which makes her lesson special. Her warmth of heart flows in every class, I could really feel it. She has shown me that I am perfect as I am, that is the greatest gift I have ever received from somebody and I’m really grateful for that. An amazing teacher and a beautiful soul, I’m happy to met her on my life journey.”

Natascha Heller

“Eva has the gift of touching as love, which makes my body purr. Sweet presence, vulnerability and honesty, invites deep relaxation and feeling held and met.”

Isaac Shapiro

It makes my heart sing to share time, space and the beyond with Eva.”

Meike Schuett

If I would have to describe it in one word: Fantastic! Eva’s massages are fantastic. In stressful times, when you are full of tension Eva exactly knows how to massage in such a way you feel like walking on clouds afterwards. She creates a wonderful enviroment of peace and calm and in combination with her beautiful touch this results in 90 minutes of delight. Highly recommended! You will see me again soon Eva.”