Healing massage sessions

Are you experiencing tension, tiredness, stress or discomfort? Eva’s deeply relaxing, healing and restorative massage sessions can help you relax and restore.

Each massage session is tailored to the individual body and personal preferences of the client. Eva uses a combination of different techniques (e.g. Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi, Deep Tissue, Trigger point, Reiki and Aromatherapy), depending on your personal preference and bodily condition.

In general, the session will aim to restore the body’s natural balance and flow, remove pain and tension and create a sense of deep well-being, relaxation and rejuvenation. Eva always does the session by feeling and tuning into the body of the person she is working on, in order to be opened and in tune with the body and movements during your session together.

The massage techniques (e.g. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Thai Yoga Massage and Aromatherapy) and Reiki all have their own slightly different approach and style. However, they all aim at restoring the body’s natural balance, bringing a deep sense of well being, relaxation and relief of pain and tension. They help to restore the body’s natural energy flow and balance, calm the nervous system, stimulate blood circulation, the meridians, the lymphatic system, the tissues and help remove blockages and create a feeling of deep comfort.

Usually, it is very beneficial to include the whole body into one session, as mostly more parts of the body are involved in restoring balance and flow. Therefore,  full body massage of 60, 75 or 90 minutes is recommended and ideal. For those with less time or different preferences, a session of 30-60 minutes that focuses on one specific area of the body like the feet, face, neck, back and shoulders is also possible. In fact, the feet massage on its own is known to be very beneficial and effective for the whole body. The specific areas in the feet are connected with the specific correlating areas and organs in the body. Therefore, the feet massage can have a very deep effect on the whole body.

Depending on your personal preference, the massage can be done with or without oil. A massage without oil can also be very beneficial and sometimes even preferred. If you prefer massage with oil, the base oil Eva uses is a high quality 100% natural cold-pressed coconut oil, which is generally very nourishing and healing for the skin. The combination of the massage and the oil has an enriching effect that helps the body cleanse and clear waste. It is also possible to combine the base oil with certain essential oil in case of aromatherapy. This will add the specific healing qualities and fragrance of the essential oil to the session. Aromatherapy can have a profoundly healing and deep effect. Coconut oil can be replaced with another plant-based oil if desired.


“Dear Eva! Thank you for your clear guidance and for giving me all the right tools to be a able practice at home. It gave me so much and gives me the ability to deepen my own practice. I loved it. Also your massage was delightful. Both in the way you removed the tension in my muscles as the overall relaxation you bring. I will be back for sure!”

If I would have to describe it in one word: Fantastic! Eva’s massages are fantastic. In stressful times, when you are full of tension Eva exactly knows how to massage in such a way you feel like walking on clouds afterwards. She creates a wonderful enviroment of peace and calm and in combination with her beautiful touch this results in 90 minutes of delight. Highly recommended! You will see me again soon Eva.”


“Eva’s massage ingredients: Wonderful oils, good technique, lots of feeling and a relaxed setting. Deep relaxation and delight with such a wonderful massage. Recommended for sure!”


“Such a loving and flowing massage. Delightful oils, beautiful ambience and magical hands. Heavenly!”


“Simply fantastic massage. My wife and I had an hour long massage each and were so blissed out afterwards. Eva is a fantastic masseuse and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended”


Eva is a very skilfull massage therapist and I can highly recommend her. She fine-tunes her massages to what the body needs in the moment and does everything in a very loving and calming way.”


“I can higly recommend Eva for anyone that has physical pain or just would like overall relaxation. During my holiday in Doorn I had a terrible lower backpain and thanks to Eva’s massage I was able to have a pain free holiday afterall. She is delightfully calm and a blessing for people with or without specific issues. I experienced her as a gift.”


“I just had an amazing massage from Eva: 1,5 hours of bliss and deep relaxation. Eva gives her massages with lots of awareness, respect and skillBesides that she is just a wonderful human being with a heart and hands of gold!”